About Ed van Paassen

About Ed van Paassen

Green Fingers

vingerafdruk-200x200Born in 1973, I took an early interest in plants. I grew up with horticulture near the ‘City of Glass’ Westland, west of Delft, where my parents ran a greenhouse nursery with tropical vegetables. I developed a broad passion for plants, their variation, growth & development, practical use etc. In my spare time you could always find me in the greenhouse, growing plants and doing experiments. Though my father grew veggies, personally I always favoured ornamental plants, particularly tropical orchids, bulbs, gingers and anything peculiar.


certificate-200x200During my studies Dutch Glasshouse Horticulture at Agricultural College Delft I increased my network among horticultural production companies in the Westland nearby. After that I specialized in Plant Breeding at Wageningen University, where I deepened my scientific knowledge base. My dual studies resulted in affinity with both science and practice.

During my career I pursued a part-time studies in the field of Information Management & Services at The Hague University. Besides that I joined various courses on webdesign, social media and Work 2.0.

In summary my knowledge about plants and the internet complements the knowledge that growers have.


horticultural-chain-200x200I worked for several companies in the Dutch planting material reproduction sector in floriculture. Primarily in classical plant breeding and micropropagation (plant tissue culture), both R&D and production. In plant breeding I have worked with both seed propagated plants and vegetatively propagated plants. I have worked in all major Dutch agricultural centres: Westland, Wageningen, Aalsmeer and Enkhuizen. The crop range I have worked with includes vegetables, houseplants, cut flowers, garden plants and bulbs & tubers.

After a career in the horticultural chain I started Agro Internet with a companion. Agro Internet offers online services to SME’s in horticulture and agriculture. Services include building a website, webdesign, social media management, coöperation online.

People, Planet Profit

aarde-200x200I want to work in a sustainable, responsible way.
And am eager to meet like-minded people around the globe.

I am eager to share my know-how.
For both SME’s and non-profit organizations.

My plant know-how has wide applications in:

  • horticulture
  • biobased business (BBE)
  • agricultural development work
  • ‘green cities’


My hobbies include:

  • Gardening (from growing plants, to construction works)
  • Home Cooking
  • Plant Assortment Research (ornamentals, food crops)
  • Plant Hunting (exploring nature’s biodiversity)
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • Traveling
  • Visit Garden Events
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